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Peavey ReValver 4

Guitar Amp & FX Modelling Software
Published April 2017
By John Walden

Peavey ReValver 4

The latest iteration of Peavey’s modelling software not only allows you to build your own virtual guitar amps, but to ‘profile’ real ones.

Guitar amp modelling is a technology that now has a long history. Whether it’s done using dedicated hardware such as modelling amps, racks or floorboards, or in software, modelled guitar tones can now be utterly convincing. Players have strong personal preferences in terms of tone and feel, but from the listener’s perspective — even that of a well-informed and critical listener — when those tones hit you from your studio monitors, PA speakers, hi-fi or ear-buds Well, there are lots of interesting A/B blind tests you can now find on YouTube if you want to test your own abilities to tell the difference between a real amp and a modelled version of the same amp.

Peavey’s ReValver is one of the many native software-only modellers, and has been around for some time — Paul White looked at ReValver 3 back in the May 2009 issue of SOS. The new ReValver 4 is a free download, and although you only get a relatively small amount of virtual kit for nothing, an impressive selection of virtual amps, cabs and effects can be added with the modestly priced Producer Pack.

ReValver 4 is installed as a stand-alone program and in VST, AU and AAX plug-in versions, on Mac OS and Windows....

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Published April 2017