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Phoenix Audio Pivot Tone Channel

'Tilt' EQ For The 500-series
Published April 2017
By Neil Rogers

Phoenix Audio Pivot Tone Channel

Explore the ups and downs of Phoenix’s transformer-laden tone control...

Aren’t the simplest ideas so often the best ones? The ‘tilt’ EQ circuit is one such idea. Essentially, it’s based around a pair of shelving filters which share the same turnover frequency; a single control applies a Baxandall high-shelf boost coupled with low-shelf cut, or a high-shelf cut coupled with a low-shelf boost. As far as I can see, both the idea and the name originated in the hi-fi industry, where it was desirable to make a tone control that was as simple as possible for the user to operate: R Ambler described such a circuit in a Wireless World article way back in March 1970 and, certainly, amp manufacturers Quad were incorporating...

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Published April 2017