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Rossum Electro-Music Control Forge

Eurorack Module
Published April 2017
By Paul Nagle

Rossum Electro-Music Control ForgeEurorack Module

Dave Rossum, the mind behind Rossum Electro-Music, has an intimidating list of credits in a career designing instruments and technology. Seminal creations such as the mighty E-mu modular, the Emulator series, the SP12 and 1200 sampling drum machines and the (spookily ahead-of-its-time) Morpheus synth established Dave as an industry giant long ago — and recently he’s turned his attention towards Eurorack.

The Control Forge is described as a Programmable Universal CV Generator, but even that grand title doesn’t really do it justice. Inspired by the Function Generators of the E-mu Morpheus, the Control Forge can...

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Published April 2017