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Simple Way D1

Active DI Box
Published July 2017
By Hugh Robjohns

Simple Way D1

How does this rugged, Latvian-made DI box compare with the established competition?

Latvian manufacturers Simple Way are, to me at least, a new name, although the company have apparently been in business since 2003. Their current product line-up comprises a range of three active DI boxes, of which the D1 is reviewed here. This is a single-channel discrete-transistor and audio-transformerless DI box. The company also offer two- and eight-channel variants, logically called the D2 and D8, with the latter being a 1U 19-inch rackmount model, but all three share the same core circuitry and features.

The review unit was shipped in a sturdy cardboard box, and upon opening it I was impressed with the D1’s very rugged construction. The unit’s thick steel chassis measures 95 x 50 x 150 mm (WHD) and is painted in a dark-red colour with crisp white lettering and overhanging ‘book-end’ side cheeks to protect the switches and connectors. The overall look and feel could easily be mistaken for a Radial product, but I was disappointed to find that some lettering had rubbed off (or had not been applied correctly) around the input socket, suggesting quality control might not be as...

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Published July 2017