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Sonokinetic Woodwinds Ensembles

Sample Library
Published January 2017
By Robin Bigwood

Sonokinetic bring their idiosyncratic approach to sampling to the woodwinds section.

I’ve had the pleasure in recent months of reviewing several of Sonokinetic’s phrase-based orchestral sample libraries, as well as their ‘cinematic choir’ Tutti Vox. These rely to a large extent on replaying entire pre-recorded phrases, of musically useful lengths, and then on Native Instruments’ Kontakt 5 time-stretching to synchronise them into the tempo of your DAW. Really spectacular results can be achieved in no time at all with these libraries, they’re sophisticated and flexible, and I had no hesitation in giving them all a very warm recommendation.

Sonokinetic Woodwinds Ensemble main screen.If there’s a drawback, though, it’s that these phrase-based libraries are, after all, fundamentally preset and limited in nature. There’s not much sensation of ‘playing’ them — your MIDI controller only really triggers phrases — and if a suitable preset can’t be found for your musical needs you’re out of luck.

Ultimately, when maximum flexibility is what you’re after, a traditional multi-sampled, individual note-based library is the only tool for the job. And that’s exactly what we have in the form of Woodwinds Ensembles. It too runs in Kontakt, but this is much more the traditional orchestral library experience, of individual instrument groupings, articulations and keyswitches. What can Sonokinetic bring to the studio that hasn’t been done many times before?

Ensemble Piece

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Published January 2017