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Soulsby Oscitron

Eurorack Module
Published May 2017
By Paul Nagle

Soulsby Oscitron Eurorack Module.

In 2014 I encountered the visually and aurally distinctive desktop synthesizer, the Atmegatron. This 8-bit, user-hackable monosynth boasted a spiky digital personality, but thanks to its open-source nature, you (or someone else) could reprogram it extensively. Currently it can switch between being a drum machine, a delay, a four-voice string synth and several other alternatives. It’s taken a little time but Atmegatron’s powerful audio engine has finally made it across to Eurorackland — along with several juicy enhancements.

The Oscitron is more than just an oscillator; it includes a selection of 15 varied filters, a...

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Published May 2017