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SubZero SZPA

Compact Line-array Systems
Published June 2017
By Paul White

These highly portable and affordable active column systems make the benefits of line-array PA more accessible than ever!

SubZero SZPASubZero’s new SZPA-L68 PA system follows the increasingly familiar mini line-array format, with this example comprising a separate eight-inch woofer supporting a two-piece column, hosting six 2.75-inch mid/high cone drivers. Closer inspection shows that alternate drivers are angled a few degrees left and right, presumably to further increase the horizontal dispersion. The lower section is essentially a spacer to get the speakers at the right height. If you don’t need the full height, the spacer column can be left out and the top section connected directly to the woofer. While the manual describes the eight-inch speaker as a subwoofer, it might more accurately be described as a straightforward woofer as it goes down to 50Hz — which is about the same as a traditional full-range speaker cabinet. A crossover at 180Hz sends the mids and highs to the column...

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Published June 2017