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Trident 80B-EQ & Deca-Dent 500

500-series Module & Chassis
Published July 2017
By Bob Thomas

Trident 80B-EQ & Deca-Dent 500

Trident’s celebrated EQ is now available as a 500-series module, and what better to house it in than the company’s very own chassis?

Vintage Trident consoles might never quite attain the lofty reputation, cachet and sheer desirability of some of their competitors, but back in the day they were very highly regarded. The Series 80, released in 1980, enjoyed considerable success. The 1983 Series 80B, due to its configurability and competitive price, not only became one of Trident’s best-selling consoles at the time, but also, alongside mixers from the likes of Neve, Amek, Cadac and SSL, helped build the stellar reputation that mixing consoles with a British ancestry still enjoy today.

These days, Trident produce a range of products based on their earlier designs, several of which incorporate the EQ section of the 80B. One such is the Series 80B Dual Channel, reviewed in...

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Published July 2017