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Universal Audio UAD 8.7 & 9.0 Software

Plug-ins For UAD2 & Apollo
Published January 2017
By Paul White

Universal Audio UAD 8.7 & 9.0 Software

UA’s latest updates add new compressors, delays, voice channels and virtual bass amps, as well as refreshing a few familiar faces.

Universal Audio’s most recent 8.7 and 9.0 software updates for the UAD and Apollo platforms bring with them yet more new plug-ins, all of which can be tried free of charge for 14 days. Version 9.0 adds emulations of the API 2500 stereo bus compressor, the Chandler Zener Limiter and the A/DA STD-1 stereo delay. It also includes support for the Townsend Labs Sphere microphone modelling system, which requires additional hardware (expect an SOS in-depth review soon). New too is Unison support for latency free processing when using the Ampeg SVT Bass Amps plug-ins.

Also new in this release are Thunderbolt support for Windows 10, compatibility with Mac OS Sierra, compatibility with the Windows 10 Anniversary update and Console 2 software for Apollo Firewire. The earlier 8.7 update, meanwhile, added the Manley Voxbox channel strip, Ampeg’s B15N bass amplifier, and the Classic FX Bundle, based on three pieces of vintage Roland hardware, and two further bundles of existing products have also been made available: the Manley Complete Bundle and the Ampeg Heritage Bass Amplifier Bundle.

Under The Bus

API’s 2500 stereo bus compressor (shown above) is an attractive addition, as this versatile piece of kit was used...

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Published January 2017