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VSL Vienna Historic Winds I & II

Sample Library
Published July 2017
By Dave Stewart

The Vienna Symphonic team go forward into the past.

Jobbing media composers are occasionally asked to submit music for a historical (as opposed to hysterical) production. This poses a challenge: such projects often require authentic-sounding period instruments, and those Albie Donnelly Killer Horns soul licks which worked so well in a Geri Halliwell documentary a few years back might seem a bit out of place in a programme set in the court of King Henry VIII. If you’ve nothing suitable in your locker and Internet searches for Tudor Jazz-Funk Sax Loops draw a blank, don’t despair — VSL’s Historic Winds libraries may be just what you need.

Oboe da caccia player Katharina Humpel.Oboe da caccia player Katharina Humpel.Though this blast from the past might seem a deviation from the Vienna samplemeisters’ usual agenda, the only real departure is that the instruments in question are between 200 and 400 years older than the sort of winds they normally serve up. In all other respects, these are typical VSL titles: recorded close up and personal in great musical detail, and covering a comprehensive range of articulations and dynamics.

Historic Winds I (6.6GB) is a collection of five instruments that will work together as a period wind band, while...

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Published July 2017