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Wave Alchemy Revolution

Software Drum Instrument
Published June 2017
By Simon Sherbourne

Wave Alchemy Revolution

Wave Alchemy’s Revolution breathes new life into a pantheon of classic drum machines.

Revolution is a Kontakt Player-based drum machine plug-in that promises to faithfully capture and reproduce the 14 great and classic drum machines that continue to be essential ingredients in music production. Given that most of us already have access to various sample sets and emulations of at least some of these, Wave Alchemy need to be offering something pretty special. And Revolution does not disappoint. There’s a rich feature-set, including a highly usable internal sequencer. You can create your own drum machine from the palette of modules, which includes all Roland X0Xs, CR78 and 8000, Linndrum, E-mu Drumulator, Sequential Drumtraks and Oberheim DX. Most of all, an epic approach to sampling (over 40,000 samples!) captures every sound at multiple settings and through various signal paths.

First Kontakt

Revolution proved a little fiddly to get up and running as it’s delivered as four RAR archive files, and Mac users will need to find a suitable extractor on the App Store. The resulting folder can be dropped to your location of choice, then imported and...

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Published June 2017