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Wilkinson Audio Mic Clips

ORTF & X-Y Arrays • Fredman Mount
Published February 2017
By Hugh Robjohns

The ORTF clip.The ORTF clip.

Alex Wilkinson is a musician and recording engineer whose fledgling company make a variety of software and hardware products. On the software side are signal-processing plug-ins, virtual instruments, and drum and guitar-amp samples, while the hardware side currently comprises an interesting collection of specialist mic-mounting accessories. All bar one of these Wilkinson Mic Clips are designed to support two mics in a precise physical relationship to each other. The one exception is an adapter for the Sennheiser MD421 (a mic with a notoriously frustrating mounting bracket) that allows it to be used with a standard SM57-style clip.

This review focuses on: the two stereo mounts intended for ORTF and X-Y arrays using a pair of Neumann KM184s (and similarly-sized mics); a mount designed to support an SM57 alongside a KM184; and a ‘Fredman’ mount for two SM57s. All mounts...

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Published February 2017