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Published in SOS March 2013
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Technique : Cubase Notes

John Walden

The following audio examples accompany the 'Pad Antics' article about creating rhythmic effects with Steinberg's Padshop and Padshop Pro VST synths. You can find the article itself at /sos/articles/mar13/cubase-0313.htm.

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  • Audio Example 1

Four short phrases demonstrating (a) the very basic (and boring) pad sound shown in the first screenshot of the article; (b) the same sound but with a squarewave LFO controlling volume; (c) as the previous example but with LFO control over cutoff and resonance also to add some slight tonal modulation; (d) as previous example but with the LFO waveform set to S&H2.

  • Audio Example 2

Three short phrases demonstrating (a) the basic sound developed in the first audio example but this time using a Step Modulator pattern to control volume; (b) a similar example but with a more interesting source sample and some tonal variations added via LFO control of the filter and a drum loop added for context; (c) as with the previous example but with the LFO now used as a source to control volume as well so the Step Modulator and LFO changes interact.

  • Audio Example 3

Two short phrases to demonstrate (a) a dual layer sound where the two layers use different Step Modulation patterns to control volume and are panned slightly left and right; (b) a second dual layer sound this time using different step numbers in the Step Modulation pattern of the two layers and using the mod wheel to change the blend between the two layers through the phrase.  

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