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SoundBank is our central audio download area. Here we amass the example audio files that accompany some of the monthly Sound On Sound product tests. Most audio examples come in MP3 file format and might need to be saved to your computer's hard disk before they can be auditioned (using your browser or an MP3 player of your choice).

In this example, you can hear how you can alter the playback tempo of a phrase without affecting the sound or pitch.
Once Melodyne has detected the pitches of incoming audio, you can change the key of played phrases with complete freedom. Here you can hear the scale being changed several times, all in real time.
Here you can hear the results of scrubbing the mouse cursor over a short section of analysed audio.
Melodyne also offers complete freedom to change the formants of a recording, in real time if you wish. By changing the formants, the trumpet sound changes to resemble that of a trombone and a muted trumpet.
MELODYNE & VOCALS • This shows Melodyne at work on a recording of a medieval vocal piece, changing the pitch in real time.
Here with each pass of the melody line, the last note is moved higher. The internal phrasing of a note can also be changed: in the penultimate pass, the vibrato is attenuated, in the last one it is exaggerated.
Finally, this example shows how a performance recorded without reference to a click track or metronome can be quantised to fit a rhythm track, without affecting the perfomance.

Celemony Melodyne
Audio Manipulation Software For Mac

Celemony Melodyne

Few recent software products have stirred as much interest as Melodyne — a program offering unique pitch, time and formant–processing features, which was created not by one of the major music developers but by a maverick Bavarian musician and his software–designer friend.

Reviewed November 2001



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