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SoundBank is our central audio download area. Here we amass the example audio files that accompany some of the monthly Sound On Sound product tests. Most audio examples come in MP3 file format and might need to be saved to your computer's hard disk before they can be auditioned (using your browser or an MP3 player of your choice).

Novation A–Station

Bank 1, 14: 'Pad2' — a warm, swirly pad. OK, I admit it; I love pads.
Bank 1, 16: 'Strings2' — pizzicato strings of near–D50 quality (and I mean that as a compliment, in case you were wondering!).
Bank 1, 20: 'Bass3' — it's very squelchy!
Bank 1, 23 'Dance3' — just to show that the Virus isn't the only synth ideal for techno.
Bank 1, 45: 'Keyboard5' — a tasty DX Rhodes.
Bank 2, 9: 'FM1' — classic FM–style bells.

Novation A–Station
Polyphonic Virtual Analogue Synthesizer

Novation's new A–Station seeks to combine the compact styling of their BassStation Rack synths with some of the spec of the prestigious Supernova and Nova — and all for £399! Is it an inspired bit of cross–breeding, or a misbegotten mongrel?

Reviewed December 2001



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