What is the eSub?

The SOS eSub service provides exclusive online access to complete web versions of the entire editorial content of SOUND ON SOUND, usually the day the print magazine goes on sale in the UK.

These HTML-format electronic pages are delivered over the Internet in the English language to registered subscribers, for viewing within a browser — we recommend v8 (or newer) of Microsoft's Internet Explorer or Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. The eSub is currently NOT available in any stuffed or zipped format for bulk downloading.

eSub pages contain the full text of the article, header photo and additional images/diagrams where published. Screengrabs and diagrams are generally shown small on the screen, for speed and convenience, but clicking on most images will open a larger, detailed view in a pop-up lightbox window.

Can I save/print eSub articles?

Yes. Although we have created visually appealing eSub articles that are easy to read on the screen, we recognise that some people prefer to read offline. At the top-right of all eSub articles, you will find a link to open a Print Version of the page. This removes all sidebars and includes only the top banner advert, making printing easier.

Your eSub gives you the right to save the article files locally on to your hard drive and permits printing for personal use only. Distribution of the saved files and printouts is strictly forbidden as is re-publication of any of the copyright work. TIP: Always select Print Background option when printing, otherwise white text out of coloured boxes may not be visible.

How much will your eSub cost me? I subscribe to the magazine already

If you already subscribe to any paper edition of SOUND ON SOUND, the good news is that the eSub service is currently FREE. All you need is an Internet account with an ISP and standard browser software to access the service, plus your unique Subscriber PIN number and Password (as explained below). Existing paper subscribers who require notification of their PIN/Password should email support@soundonsound.com, stating your full registered Name, your magazine delivery Address, plus your Email address. Once verified, we will unlock your online account and email you the access instructions. Your eSub access will expire at the same time as your paper subscription, unless renewed by you (we will send you reminders by email).

How much will eSub cost me? I am NOT a magazine subscriber

If you are not a paper subscriber, do not worry, you can subscribe just to our eSub service. We offer 3 access periods:

  • £24 sterling (US $36) for 12 consecutive online issues
  • £15 sterling (US $22.50) for 6 consecutive online issues
  • £9 sterling (US $13.50) for 3 consecutive online issues

As an added bonus, for no extra charge, all eSubs will give the purchaser instant access to the locked premium eSub content of the current and previous online issues during the subscription period.

How do I subscribe?

Just click the [SUBSCRIBE] menu button at the top of the screen and follow the instructions; you will need a Credit Card or PayPal to use the Subs Shop. Once you have purchased your subscription, the system creates a secure My Account record for you. When you login using the blue button at the top of any SOS page, you have access to all of the SOS site's major features as well as the eSub articles, competitions, readers adverts, etc. You can update your My Account details as often as you wish to ensure that your paper magazine always gets mailed to your most current address and that your email address is current.

The SOS online Shop system uses a 128-bit SSL encrypted secure server to process all Credit Card transactions for maximum security and privacy, and your details will not be passed to any other party (read our privacy policy). All administration and technical support for the eSub service is done electronically via email validation and notification, so you must maintain a genuine Email address in your My Account record or your subscription will become invalid.

How do I access eSub articles?

The eSub system has been designed to be as transparent in use as possible. When logged in, you can move between Public and Subscribers-Only areas of the site without realising it. eSubscribers will see extra material that ordinary site visitors may not even be aware of.

The eSub articles from the current and previous 5 online issues are accessed in many different ways:

  • Click the Current Issue front cover image wherever you see it on the site and select an article from the contents list. If you are not logged in, the system will prompt you to do so, then unlock the material for you.
  • Click the [ARTICLES] menu button at the top of any screen, then select any eSub link that is displayed.
  • Use the [SEARCH] menu button to locate articles on the site by Subject/Topic, Month and/or Year. eSub articles will open automatically for you if you are logged in, or prompt you to do so if not.

Public site visitors do not have access to the full contents of the 5 most recent editions. Public access is limited to 3 or 4 example articles per issue plus the editor's Leader and the Sounding Off page. Access to the full contents of the Current Issue and previous 4 issues is available exclusively to eSubscribers and Subscribers to the paper magazine who have registered. This material will not be placed into the public domain until approximately 5 months after the current paper issue has gone on sale in the UK shops, making the eSub of genuine benefit, especially to overseas readers who are eagerly awaiting their postal copy but desperately wish to read the hottest reviews.

So browse the unlocked contents of our May 2012 issue and discover why SOUND ON SOUND, both in print and online, is the yardstick by which all other music recording technology magazines are measured!


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