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Mastering For Streaming Services

On Stream
Published June 2017
By Jon Schorah & Sam Inglis

On Stream

Streaming is now the most important way in which music is consumed. So how can you make sure your music sounds as good as possible?

The way we listen to music has changed fundamentally in recent years. Not only are we not buying CDs any more, but increasingly, we’re not buying downloads either. Instead, streaming is now the main route by which music reaches the ears of the public. Last year, for example, 431 billion song streams were logged in the USA alone: that’s well over 1000 for every person in the country!

Obviously, not all streams represent sales, and a download or physical sale might lead to hundreds of listens, whereas a stream always represents a single listen. Nevertheless, the figures are so huge that it’s clear that streaming now dominates the market.

Music retailing has changed out of all recognition in recent years, and mastering must follow...Music retailing has changed out of all recognition in recent years, and mastering must follow...This isn’t only true in terms of volume, either. As of 2015, streaming is now the most important source of revenue for recorded music. Digital revenues now surpass physical sales figures, and for the first time since 1995, overall revenue from recorded music has risen. In streaming, the music business might have found what it has been searching for for more than 20 years: a consumer-friendly way of delivering music digitally and making money from it. The shift from physical media to online delivery is sure to continue, and within the digital sector, downloads will continue to wane while streaming grows and grows.

Bits & Pieces

If you’re producing music, this means you can’t afford to ignore streaming. In fact, it means that if you are going to optimise your output for...

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Published June 2017