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Reaper Keeper

Cockos Reaper Tips & Techniques
Published May 2017
By Nick Storr

The Project Bay, with media selected and ready to be copied to the project directory.The Project Bay, with media selected and ready to be copied to the project directory.

Here’s how to ensure your Reaper projects will still be accessible a year from now — or even a decade.

All of us need to revisit old projects from time to time — and nothing makes the heart sink quite like clicking on an archived file to be greeted by a tangled web of unlinked media and missing plug-ins. However, much of this grief can be avoided by appropriately preparing and archiving your Reaper projects.

Media Management

Let’s suppose we want to open an archived Reaper project that is a few months old, by copying it back onto the same machine that was used to create it. Cockos have always been very good about backwards compatibility, so even if Reaper has been through a couple of version increments in the meantime, there should be no issues with the program or any plug-ins used. In this scenario, the main risk is that media have gone missing in the archiving...

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Published May 2017