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Reaper: VCAs, Grouping and Linking

Reaper Tips & Techniques
Published January 2017
By Nick Storr

Reaper's routing matrix.Reaper's routing matrix.

How do Reaper 5’s new VCA Faders complement the existing group and linking facilities?

Reaper 5 brought us a bunch of new tools, including the long-awaited VCA faders. Mike Senior touched on these when he outlined a cool relative-trim automation technique back in SOS May 2016 (, but I’ve noticed more than a few users who remain confused about how VCAs fit into Reaper’s existing schemes for grouping and summing tracks. So this month, I’ll take you through Reaper’s various means of summing and controlling groups of tracks, and explain how VCA faders fit into that broader picture.


Busses, subgroups, auxiliary channels, sub-masters... They go by many names and are set up in different ways in different DAWs, but ultimately we’re talking about the same thing: a...

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Published January 2017