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REX Machine

Propellerhead Reason Tips & Techniques
Published June 2017
By Simon Sherbourne

1. Multiple Kong pads can be assigned to the same loop, each triggering different sections.1. Multiple Kong pads can be assigned to the same loop, each triggering different sections.

Kong is more than just a drum machine: it’s Reason’s secret weapon for dynamic performance with loops and breaks.

Last time we looked at beat sampling and chopping in Reason, and promised to return to look at the extensive REX loop functionality available in the Kong drum machine. As the Rack has a specialised REX loop player device (DrOctoRex) many Reasonistas have probably not used REX files with Kong other than to load individual slices onto pads. DrOctoRex provides both synchronised playback of sliced loops, and the ability to play individual hits via MIDI notes. However, Kong has some unique tricks that make it great for dynamic performance with loops. For example, it can layer loops, trigger partial loop sections, and freely...

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Published June 2017