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Studio One: Console Shaper

PreSonus Studio One Tips & Techniques
Published March 2017
By Larry the O

Console Shaper is the first generation of Mix Engine FX and is included in Studio One Professional.Console Shaper is the first generation of Mix Engine FX and is included in Studio One Professional.

Console emulation is all the rage, and it’s now built into Studio One.

Console emulation and summing are hot topics at the moment. Increasing numbers of people who otherwise mix entirely ‘in the box’ are choosing to employ analogue summing mixers, while there’s also an ever-growing range of console emulation plug-ins on the market. Compared with the latter approach, however, there are obvious advantages to integrating console emulation directly into a DAW’s mixer, and this is what PreSonus have done with their Console Shaper.

PreSonus President Jim Odom.PreSonus President Jim Odom.Console Shaper belongs to a special category of processor that PreSonus call Mix Engine FX. It was first made available in Studio One Professional 3.2, and they’ve recently introduced a...

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Published March 2017