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Studio SOS: Lack Of Low End

Paul Allen
Published July 2017
By Hugh Robjohns & Paul White

Some acoustic treatment was already in place, but the sound from the monitors was still cause for concern.Some acoustic treatment was already in place, but the sound from the monitors was still cause for concern.

A reader’s home-studio monitoring suffers from a lack of low end and poor stereo imaging. Can the Studio SOS team track down the cause?

Paul Allen must have the ultimate keep-fit recording space — built into the loft space of his Southport house, the studio is accessed via two flights of narrow stairs. As is often the case with such spaces, one wall slopes from ceiling height down to around a metre or so above the floor to accommodate the slope of the roof, and in this instance there is also an alcove off to the right-hand side housing a wash basin. Overall, the main part of the room measures five-metres long by three-metres wide and two-metres high, with the side alcove occupying just over one square metre.

Paul called us in as his mixes were not translating well when played on other systems. He was also unsure of how to get the best guitar sound using amp simulators, as he always found the results too ‘fizzy-sounding’. His general setup seemed OK, with small Genelec 1029A active monitors perched on top of a pair of Audio Pro hi-fi speakers sitting directly on a home office-style desk. These speakers all fired down the long axis of the room with...

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Published July 2017