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Vocal Alignment In Reaper

Cockos Reaper Tips & Techniques
Published April 2017
By Matt Houghton

Reaper’s Dynamic Split facility can generate most of your Stretch Markers automatically.Reaper’s Dynamic Split facility can generate most of your Stretch Markers automatically.

Reaper’s Stretch Markers feature intelligent linking, which can ease the burden of manual vocal alignment.

In recent issues of SOS I wrote some in-depth Synchro Arts Revoice Pro workshops. This and the same company’s VocAlign enable you to time-align vocal parts automatically. There’s no doubt these are the most efficient means of aligning vocals, but you lucky Reaper users already have access to the next best thing: Reaper’s Stretch Markers allow you to achieve similar results in semi-automatic fashion, and while they require what’s not quite such an automatic and slick an approach as Revoice Pro, they can make your vocal edits a whole lot more efficient.

The Basics

Essentially, what...

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Published April 2017