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    Hard Drive Defragmentation

    PC Musician

    Does defragmenting your hard drives, including the ones you use for recording audio, really result in better PC performance? Opinion is divided, so we take a considered look at the subject, as well as testing some of the most suitable 'defragger' utilities.

    Techniques Jun 2005
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    Roland VC1 V-Card

    D50 RAM Card For Roland V-Synth & VariOS

    Roland's innovative V-Synth can now be reprogrammed with a RAM card, effectively turning it into another instrument. The VC1 card turns the clock back to 1987, perfectly recreating the S&S tones of the Roland D50.

    Reviews May 2005
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    Native Instruments Guitar Rig

    Guitar Amp Modelling Software [Mac/PC] & Foot Controller

    The market for software that emulates guitar amplifiers is pretty crowded these days, but Native Instruments have found a new angle with a modular program that comes with a dedicated hardware controller and interface.

    Reviews Sep 2004
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    FXpansion VST To RTAS Adapter

    Plug-in Format Adapter [Mac OS X/Win XP]

    As the name suggests, FXpansion's utility allows VST effects and Instruments to be used in Pro Tools, but how well does it really work?

    Reviews Jul 2004
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    Redmatica EXS Manager

    OS X Sample & Instrument Manager For EXS24

    Multi-gigabyte sample libraries offer unprecedented realism and lots of potential for confusion. Redmatica's neat OS X utility allows Emagic EXS24 users to tame their unruly sample collections.

    Reviews Jun 2004
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    DVD-Audio Authoring Software For Windows

    Minnetonka Discwelder Steel

    DVD-Audio Authoring Software For Windows

    DVD-Audio offers high-resolution digital audio and surround sound, but authoring packages have been too costly for the home studio - until now.

    Reviews Mar 2003
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    Microsoft Windows XP main screen.

    Windows XP: Is It Suitable For Music?

    PC Musician

    Windows XP is probably the most important PC operating system upgrade since Windows 95, but as always, its new features come at a cost. Should you upgrade your computer? Here's the definitive guide...

    Techniques Feb 2002
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    Chicken Systems Translator

    Sample Conversion Software [PC]

    Ever found yourself really needing a particular sample CD-ROM, only to find that it's not available for your sampler? Or perhaps you want to back up your sample programs in proprietary CD formats? Chicken Systems' PC utility Translator may be able to help.

    Reviews Jan 2002


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