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    Minuendo Earplugs

    Adjustable Attenuation Hearing Protectors

    With their impressive sound quality and adjustable attenuation, these off‑the‑peg earplugs give even custom‑moulded designs a run for their money.

    Reviews Aug 2021
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    CB Electronics XPatch-32

    Analogue Routing Matrix

    With software control, silent switching and a choice of input cards, this clever box is way more than a patchbay substitute.

    Reviews . Aug 2021
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    Q. Will a patchbay degrade my audio quality?

    I have an inexpensive ART P16 XLR patchbay that I’d like to reintroduce and I’m wondering whether this will degrade the quality when I’m tracking, mixing and mastering — it would potentially be the weakest link in my signal chain?

    Sound Advice Jul 2021
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    Graph Tech RATIO

    Synchronised Guitar Machine Heads

    These RATIO tuners take the geared tuner concept further, in an attempt to solve an issue that most players probably don’t even recognise as being a problem...

    Reviews May 2021
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    Neewer Stand Sandbags

    Mic Stand Stabilisers

    When weighted with sand (or another suitable mass) the bag can be placed across the legs of lightweight tripod stands to make them more stable and safer...

    Reviews May 2021
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    Flock Audio Patch

    Software-controlled Analogue Patchbay

    Never has working with a hybrid analogue/in‑the‑box setup been so easy.

    Reviews Apr 2021
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    Krackle Killers

    Socket Cleaners

    Krackle Killers are made of a hard and stiff, but quite absorbent, plastic foam, shaped in the form of a dummy plug...

    Reviews Apr 2021
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    Utility Design Vidami

    Video Looper Pedal

    Want to set loop points on YouTube video tutorials and control their playback? This device does just that...

    Reviews Apr 2021
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    OWC Docks & Storage

    Computer Peripherals

    OWC make high‑quality computer accessories with musicians in mind.

    Reviews Jan 2021
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