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    Acoustics Accessories


    To accompany this month's DIY Studio Acoustics article, we look at four useful accessories.

    Reviews Dec 2007
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    Radial J48 & JPC

    Direct Injection Boxes

    The DI box is a crucial but often-overlooked part of many signal chains — and, as we found out, it really is worth investing in quality.

    Reviews Oct 2007
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    HED Balun Amp

    Ground Loop Isolation Unit

    Ground loops are the bane of many people's home studios. If you're suffering, this little black box from Hall Electronic Devices offers a neat solution.

    Reviews Jun 2007
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    Guitar Technology

    Little Labs Redeye DI / Reamping Box

    Little Labs' Redeye gets the GT once-over, while we also offer some handy tips and look at the latest ppedals from Eventide.

    Reviews May 2007
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    Studio Essentials

    Towersonic Speaker Stands • Book Reviews

    • Towersonic Speaker Stands • Book: The Insider Audio Bathroom Reader by Paul D. Lehrman • Book: Understanding and Crafting the Mix: The Art of Recording by WM Moylan.

    Reviews May 2007
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    Quartz Composer: OS X's Hidden Gem

    Apple Notes

    While Mac users continue to wait in anticipation for new Mac hardware and software, we explore a really neat application you might not realise you even own, which lets you create your own MIDI- and audio-based visual performances.

    Techniques Apr 2007
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    Phil Jones Bass Buddy & Little Labs STD

    Bass Guitar Recording DI Box & Instrument Cable Extender

    Two very handy 'accessories' come under scrutiny: PJB's Bass Buddy, a Bass Guitar Recording DI Box, and from Little Labs their STD Instrument Cable Extender.

    Reviews Apr 2007
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    Kahler 2300 Series Locking Tremolos • IK Multimedia Stealthplug

    Guitar Technology

    • Kahler 2300 Series Locking Tremolos • IK Multimedia Stealthplug USB guitar interface

    Reviews Feb 2007
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    Kinman No-solder Harness & Pickup Set

    Guitar Technology

    • Kinman No-solder Harness & Pickup Set• Haynes Fender Stratocaster Manual

    Reviews Jan 2007
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