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    Mission Engineering 529i

    Pedalboard Battery Power Supply

    The 529i offers eight, fully isolated, rechargeable 9V DC pedal power outputs: 2 x 500mA and 6 x 300mA.

    Reviews Oct 2020
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    IK Multimedia Z-Tone Buffer Boost & Z-Tone DI

    Variable Impedance Guitar Preamps

    IK's Z‑Tone products put the user in control of pickup, impedance and load variables, by equipping a high-quality preamp with the means to adjust the input impedance to best suit the instrument.

    Reviews Sep 2020
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    Mission VM-Pro Ultrasweep

    Volume Pedal

    Mission Engineering's VM-Pro buffered volume pedal, widely considered one of the best available, just got better!

    Reviews Apr 2020
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    TC Electronic Polytune 3 Mini

    Guitar Tuner Pedal

    Given its affordable price and compact format, is the Mini now the perfect choice tuner?

    Reviews Oct 2019
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    Pedalboard Power Supply

    If you use effects pedals, whether on stage or in the studio, running them from a high-quality power supply is essential to...

    Reviews Jun 2019
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    Mission Engineering 529

    USB Pedal Power Supply

    Mission Engineering’s 529 is designed to convert the 5V of direct current available from any USB power source into the 9V DC used by most of the world’s guitar effects pedals.

    Reviews Apr 2018
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    StompLight DMX Pro

    Lighting Pedal

    The StompLight takes the leg-work out of stage lighting — by putting the controls at your feet!

    Reviews Nov 2017
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    Boss ES-5

    Guitar Pedal Switching System

    Boss’s well-conceived switching system brings the convenience of a multi-effects unit to your collection of individual pedals.

    Reviews Jan 2017
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    J Rockett Audio Designs SOS Buffer

    Guitar Buffer Pedal

    Where you have lots of passive bypass pedals coupled with long cables, treble loss and compromised ‘feel’ can become a real problem...

    Reviews Oct 2016
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    Nemphasis Oktopus Plus

    Pedalboard Power Supply

    My pedalboard seems to be in a permanent state of being rebuilt, and this time around I decided I needed a better power supply...

    Reviews Apr 2016
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    TC Electronic PolyTune 2 Mini

    Polyphonic Guitar Tuner Pedal

    Guitar tuners now come in many guises, from clip-on devices, plug-ins and phone apps to pedals and rackmount offerings. TC...

    Reviews Jan 2015
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    Log Jam Prolog

    Percussion Pedal

    Everyone must have seen those wooden pedals that guitar players stomp on to create a pseudo kick...

    Reviews Nov 2013
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    MXR Custom Audio Electronics MC403

    Power Supply For Effects Pedals

    The burgeoning numbers of boutique pedal builders and the availability of Velcro probably means that, despite the availability...

    Reviews Jul 2012
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    Peterson Stomp Classic

    Tuner Pedal

    Paul White examines this pedal from Peterson that is suitable for live tuning and tuning in the studio, as well as offering custom settings.

    Reviews May 2012
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    Radial Tonebone London

    Distortion Pedal

    James Dunkley gets a shiver down his spine whilst testing the Radial Tonebone 'Bones' London Distortion Pedal.

    Reviews May 2011
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    T-Rex Fuel Tank Chameleon

    Guitar Pedal Power Supply

    Dave Lockwood delights in changing colours as he tests out this multi-port adaptable power supply from T-Rex.

    Reviews Dec 2010
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