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    Yamaha mLAN16E

    Motif ES mLAN Expansion Card

    Sometimes, a small interface board can make all the difference! We check out the card that allows you to send up to 16 channels of audio from your Motif ES synth (and all your MIDI data) via one Firewire cable...

    Reviews Apr 2006
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    Yamaha PLG150AN & PLG150PF

    Analogue Modelling & Piano Daughterboards

    Yamaha's DB50XG daughterboard demonstrated to the world that a PC soundcard could offer high-spec synthesis capabilities. Its latest descendents offer a digitally emulated Prophet V synth and a high-quality Piano. Martin Walker tries them out.

    Reviews Jan 2000
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    Yamaha CD8ADS Analogue Input Card

    One of the problems with digital mixers is that they never have enough analogue inputs out of the box. For example, the Yamaha...

    Reviews May 1999
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