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    Microsoft Surface Dial

    Control Dial

    When Microsoft announced the all-in-one Surface Studio last October, the company also unveiled a new input device called the Surface Dial...

    Reviews Apr 2017
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    Windows 10 For Musicians

    All You Need To Know Before Upgrading

    Microsoft’s latest OS offers potential benefits for musicians and recording engineers — but is now the right time to move to Windows 10?

    Reviews Nov 2015
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    Hard Drive Defragmentation

    PC Musician

    Does defragmenting your hard drives, including the ones you use for recording audio, really result in better PC performance? Opinion is divided, so we take a considered look at the subject, as well as testing some of the most suitable 'defragger' utilities.

    Techniques Jun 2005
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    Microsoft Windows XP main screen.

    Windows XP: Is It Suitable For Music?

    PC Musician

    Windows XP is probably the most important PC operating system upgrade since Windows 95, but as always, its new features come at a cost. Should you upgrade your computer? Here's the definitive guide...

    Techniques Feb 2002
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    Q. Will any of the major software manufacturers offer dual-processor support and Firewire compatibility for Windows 2000?

    I have been studying Windows 2000, with great interest, as I have been evaluating the pros and cons of an upgrade. Do you...

    Sound Advice Dec 2000
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