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    Roland VC1 V-Card

    D50 RAM Card For Roland V-Synth & VariOS

    Roland's innovative V-Synth can now be reprogrammed with a RAM card, effectively turning it into another instrument. The VC1 card turns the clock back to 1987, perfectly recreating the S&S tones of the Roland D50.

    Reviews May 2005
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    Exploring The Exotic Instruments In GM/XG/GS Sound Sets


    The GM, XG and GS sound specs are frequently derided for imposing boring uniformity on the synth universe — but in fact they contain many unusual sounds. Dave Stewart, a man who knows a gopi-yantra from gankogwe, sheds light on some of the lesser-known instruments in the General MIDID set, and provides some useful playing tips.

    Techniques Dec 2000
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    Roland UA100

    Audio Canvas

    If you want to get started with audio recording on your computer, but don't fancy opening up your PC to install an internal soundcard, the new USB Audio Canvas from Roland subsidiary Edirol may provide a welcome alternative. John Walden takes the UA100 for a test Drive.

    Reviews Feb 2000
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    Roland <i>Vocal Collection</i> JV-Series Synthesizer Expansion Board

    When I did the recent roundup of Roland Expansion boards in the November '98 issue, the Vocal board had been announced but...

    Reviews Mar 1999
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    Roland JV-Series

    Synthesizer Sound Expansion Cards

    Paul White risks serious wear and tear to his patch-seletion finger by trying out the whole set of Roland JV-series Expansion Cards.

    Reviews Nov 1998
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    Roland MC50 Operations Handbook Level 1

    The Roland MC50 is one of the best hardware sequencers ever made, but it can be a bit puzzling for the first‑time...

    Reviews Jul 1996
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