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    TC Electronic Polytune 3 Mini

    Guitar Tuner Pedal

    Given its affordable price and compact format, is the Mini now the perfect choice tuner?

    Reviews Oct 2019
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    TC Electronic Clarity M

    Desktop Audio Meter

    This hardware meter includes USB interfacing and a plug-in for convenient DAW integration.

    Reviews Jul 2017
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    TC Electronic BonaFide

    Unity Gain Guitar Buffer

    BonaFide acts as a low-noise, impedance-matching buffer which can be placed at the start of your collection of pedals, the idea being that it will save you from the evils of treble loss caused by long cables...

    Reviews Mar 2016
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    TC Electronic PolyTune 2 Mini

    Polyphonic Guitar Tuner Pedal

    Guitar tuners now come in many guises, from clip-on devices, plug-ins and phone apps to pedals and rackmount offerings. TC...

    Reviews Jan 2015
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    TC Electronic PolyTune

    Polyphonic Guitar Tuner

    The answer to every guitarist's prayers?

    Reviews Mar 2010
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    TC Electronic Unit.Y

    Yamaha 02R Co-processor Card

    Most modern digital mixers, like Yamaha's 02R, incorporate powerful built-in effects — but they frequently do this at the expense of their ability to interface with high-quality external processors. Mike Collins explores an alternative way of adding top-notch effects to the 02R...

    Reviews Sep 1999
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