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    Q. What's the best 'console tape'?

    What is the best tape to use for sticking to mixers and writing down what each channel is being used for?

    Sound Advice Jan 2019
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    Four-channel Passive Splitter/Mixer

    This neat little unit can serve either as a four-into-one passive stereo line mixer, or as a one-into-four stereo line splitter, just by using the appropriate input and output connectors. However, it goes rather further than that...

    Reviews Oct 2017
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    Lavry LK-1 & LK-Solo

    Latency-free Cue Mixers

    In the post-console world, some of us lack facilities we used to take for granted. These ‘Latency Killers’ aim to plug one of the gaps.

    Reviews May 2015
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