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    Buzz Audio MIA 1.0

    Musical Instrument Adaptor

    The Buzz MIA 1.0 is designed to solve interfacing problems between unbalanced instruments and balanced recording systems.

    Reviews Aug 2002
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    Schmid Digispy

    Digital Audio Transmission Analyser

    Digital audio is now very much a part of everyday studio life, but do you ever wonder how well your system is really working?

    Reviews Aug 2002
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    DK's (unbalanced) MSD100 master stereo display.

    DK Technologies MSD100 Series v1.5

    Master Stereo Displays

    DK Audio have revised several of their audio metering products since we last looked at them...

    Reviews Apr 2002
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    Chicken Systems Translator

    Sample Conversion Software [PC]

    Ever found yourself really needing a particular sample CD-ROM, only to find that it's not available for your sampler? Or perhaps you want to back up your sample programs in proprietary CD formats? Chicken Systems' PC utility Translator may be able to help.

    Reviews Jan 2002
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