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    Q. Does a DI box raise the signal level?

    A sound engineer said the DI box only brings a level down, and won't bring it up to produce a stronger signal. I thought what DI boxes do is increase a low signal to a high signal. Who's right?

    Sound Advice Dec 2004
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    Q. Is a pop shield better than a wind shield?

    I recently bought a large-diaphragm condenser mic which came with a foam wind shield (the kind that fits over the top of the mic). Will this do a good enough job of stopping plosive blasts?

    Sound Advice Dec 2004
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    Native Instruments Guitar Rig

    Guitar Amp Modelling Software [Mac/PC] & Foot Controller

    The market for software that emulates guitar amplifiers is pretty crowded these days, but Native Instruments have found a new angle with a modular program that comes with a dedicated hardware controller and interface.

    Reviews Sep 2004
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    Q. How can I stop my guitar buzzing?

    I am having serious earthing problems which are making it difficult for me to record a clean guitar sound. All my leads are good, and I don't have this problem with any of my other equipment — just the guitar stuff. Could it be a problem with my domestic mains supply?

    Sound Advice Sep 2004
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    FXpansion VST To RTAS Adapter

    Plug-in Format Adapter [Mac OS X/Win XP]

    As the name suggests, FXpansion's utility allows VST effects and Instruments to be used in Pro Tools, but how well does it really work?

    Reviews Jul 2004
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    Redmatica EXS Manager

    OS X Sample & Instrument Manager For EXS24

    Multi-gigabyte sample libraries offer unprecedented realism and lots of potential for confusion. Redmatica's neat OS X utility allows Emagic EXS24 users to tame their unruly sample collections.

    Reviews Jun 2004
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    Samson 'S' Series Problem Solvers

    S•Amp, S•Monitor, S•Mix, S•Direct & S•Convert

    Samson's compact 'S'-series boxes solve a variety of studio problems without getting in the way. We check them out...

    Reviews Apr 2004
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    Studio Essentials

    Useful Accessories

    Ergonomic Computer Mouse from Designer Appliances QuillBook Review: Emagic Logic Tips & Tricks by Len Sasso.

    Reviews Apr 2004
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