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    Summer NAMM ’16: Gig Gear Thermo-Gig Gloves & Onyx

    All-black gloves for on-stage crew & fleece-lined gloves for colder environments

    Summer NAMM 2016 saw Gig Gear expand their line of Gig Gloves to include Gig Gloves Onyx ($39) and Thermo-Gig...

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    IK Multimedia iRig Acoustic

    Acoustic Guitar Mobile Microphone/Interface

    In a box in the attic, I have a big acoustic-guitar pickup that never gets used. Apart from sounding a bit brittle, it blocks most of the sound hole when installed, thereby compromising the acoustic properties of my guitars. iRig Acoustic does the same job, but takes a very different approach...

    Reviews Jun 2016
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    DACS Test Lab

    Cable Tester

    A decent cable tester is an essential tool for every studio and roadie tech, and the clever people at DACS recently launched...

    Reviews Jun 2016
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    Q. Should I use an active or passive mic splitter?

    I use an ART S8 eight-channel mic splitter, a passive device, to send mic signals to two separate recording systems...

    Sound Advice Jun 2016
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