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    Q. Should I use an active or passive mic splitter?

    I use an ART S8 eight-channel mic splitter, a passive device, to send mic signals to two separate recording systems...

    Sound Advice Jun 2016
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    Musikmesse 2016: Aquadrum (Video)

    Tongue-drum with patented magnetic tuning mechanism

    Now working closely with Sonic distribution, the company behind Aston Mics and Munro Sonic, Aquadrum is a...

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    Musikmesse 2016: Aston Halo (Video)

    British-made reflection filter shipping very soon

    Aston Microphones, makers of the impressive Origin and Spirit...

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    Musikmesse 2016: Pop Audio Pop Filter (Video)

    Pop filter with interchangeable heads that doesn't droop

    There's something deflating about watching a pop filter slowly drooping away from your microphone. Pop...

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    Nemphasis Oktopus Plus

    Pedalboard Power Supply

    My pedalboard seems to be in a permanent state of being rebuilt, and this time around I decided I needed a better power supply...

    Reviews Apr 2016
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    Understanding Speaker Stands & Platforms

    Stand Up!

    The humble speaker stand or desktop speaker platform can make a huge difference to the sound in your room.

    Sound Advice Apr 2016
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    Tegeler Konnektor now available

    Digitally controlled routing matrix with plug-in control out now

    If you’re sick of patching and repatching your outboard gear, Tegeler Audio Manufaktur might have just the...

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    TC Electronic BonaFide

    Unity Gain Guitar Buffer

    BonaFide acts as a low-noise, impedance-matching buffer which can be placed at the start of your collection of pedals, the idea being that it will save you from the evils of treble loss caused by long cables...

    Reviews Mar 2016
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    Mogees Pro app


    Resynthesis App & Sensor For iOS & Mac

    Mogees is a combination of app and vibration sensor which, together, translate physical gestures into notes played...

    Reviews Mar 2016
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    NAMM 2016: Stomplight Professional

    Footpedal-controlled stage lighting system for musicians.

    A new Californian startup wants to help performers handle their own stage lighting. Funded through...

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    NAMM 2016: Alto Professional BAT Pro (Video)

    Bluetooth tranceiver for XLR equipped devices.

    Alto Professional's BAT is an XLR-equipped rechargeable Bluetooth receiver that...

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    Apple Watch

    Smart Watch

    Given the rich ecosystem of music and audio–related iOS apps, it’s not impossible that the usefulness of the Apple Watch in this field will evolve over time.

    Reviews Jan 2016


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