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    ART Dual X Direct & Dual Z Direct

    Active & Passive DI boxes

    DI boxes may have a simple function to perform — transforming impedance and changing or matching levels — but there are...

    Reviews Aug 2011
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    Rycote Portable Audio Recording Kit

    Portable Recorder Accessories

    Rycote's resilient plastic lyre suspension system quickly established itself as a 'better mousetrap' microphone...

    Reviews Jul 2011
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    Rycote InVision Studio Kit

    Recording Accessories

    Hugh Robjohns checks out a mic kit from Rycote designed to accompany the USM (reviewed in SOS in March 2010) and USM-L microphones.

    Reviews Jun 2011
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    Radial Tonebone London

    Distortion Pedal

    James Dunkley gets a shiver down his spine whilst testing the Radial Tonebone 'Bones' London Distortion Pedal.

    Reviews May 2011
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    Super Vee Blade Runner

    Guitar Vibrato System

    Paul White checks out a new addition for your Fender Strat.

    Reviews Jan 2011
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    Seymour Duncan STK-S10 YJM Fury

    Hum-cancelling Guitar Pickups

    Stacked humbucker pickups designed to replace standard single-coil pickups are nothing new, but most simply strive to deliver a single-coil tone while offering the noise-suppression ability of a humbucker.

    Reviews Dec 2010
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    T-Rex Fuel Tank Chameleon

    Guitar Pedal Power Supply

    Dave Lockwood delights in changing colours as he tests out this multi-port adaptable power supply from T-Rex.

    Reviews Dec 2010
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    DAV DI & Re-amp

    DI & Re-amping Box

    Isn't it refreshing when a manufacturer cuts out the frills and just delivers something that's robust and quietly gets on with the job, leaving you free to focus on more important things? Matt Houghton investigates the latest offering from DAV Electronics.

    Reviews Nov 2010
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    DPA PPC4000

    Phantom Power Checker

    The classic nightmare scenario for anyone involved in setting up microphones, whether for a studio or location recording or...

    Reviews Oct 2010
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    MOTU ZBoxDI Impedance Corrector

    An electric guitar's tone is complex, but something that contributes to it is the electrical loading on the pickups. Guitars...

    Reviews Sep 2010
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    Sontronics Matrix 10

    Heavy-duty Mic Stand

    A good mic stand isnt the most glamorous addition to a studio, but its certainly a worthwhile investment.

    Reviews Aug 2010
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    VocalBooth Amp Box

    Guitar Cabinet Enclosure

    Isolating your guitar cabinet allows you to crank up your amp on recording sessions — but without deafening the neighbours!

    Reviews Jun 2010
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    Graphtech Reso

    Max NVS Bridge For Gibson Guitars

    Graphtech's ResoMax NVS Bridge is available in a range of sizes to fit the majority of Gibson SG and Les Paul guitars (as well...

    Reviews May 2010
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    TC Electronic PolyTune

    Polyphonic Guitar Tuner

    The answer to every guitarist's prayers?

    Reviews Mar 2010
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    Vox Amplug Acoustic

    Acoustic-modelling Guitar Headphone Amp

    Each of Vox's Amplug range of guitar headphone amps is designed to emulate a single amplifier type, and to provide basic...

    Reviews Jan 2010
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    Audix Cab Grabber

    Cabinet-mounted Microphone Stand

    The Audix Cab Grabber is one of those good ideas that, in retrospect, seems so obvious that you wonder why no-one has thought...

    Reviews Dec 2009
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    Grace Design SpaceBar

    Microphone Mounting Bar

    Microphone mounting bars seem to come in two different varieties, namely 'cheap and cheerful' and 'well engineered but...

    Reviews Nov 2009
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    Bob Kilgore’s Harmonic Capo

    Harmonics-generating Capo

    One of the more novel guitar accessories I saw at this year's Summer NAMM show was the Bob Kilgore Harmonic Capo, which is a ...

    Reviews Nov 2009
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    Silent Peaks Peakulizer & SPK Isolator

    Acoustics Accessories

    Silent Peaks are a relatively new Welsh company who specialise in affordable acoustic treatment, aimed mainly at the...

    Reviews Nov 2009
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    Artioli Designs Voice Capo

    Chord-forming Capo

    The idea of a capo that forms open chords is not a new one, but the Voice Capo is a new device that makes the job very easy....

    Reviews Oct 2009
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    CEntrance AxePort Pro

    USB Guitar Interface

    If you're a guitar player who uses computers to create music using samples, loops and virtual instruments but don't need to...

    Reviews Apr 2009


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