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    Audio Precision's Flex test and measurement system is based on the company's test software — users do not have to buy a hardware analyser, but must own an ASIO interface with the right number of channels for the type of testing they wish to carry out.

    Acquire Audio Precision more affordably with Flex

    'Software-only' T&M analyser debuts from AP

    If you have an ASIO audio interface, you can now carry out T&M to AP's high standards using their software-only Flex system.

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    Kali Audio's MV-BT Bluetooth input module allows the company's Lone Pine monitors to be driven over Bluetooth, for example from a producer's phone or laptop.

    Kali Audio launch Bluetooth input module for all pro monitors

    Address your Lone Pine (or any other pro) monitors over Bluetooth

    With their release of the MV-BT input module, Kali Audio's Lone Pine range of nearfield monitors can now be addressed over Bluetooth. But it's also ideal for any other pro monitors too.

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    IK Multimedia's launches at NAMM 2019.

    IK Multimedia take the Axe to NAMM — and much more

    New monitors, mounts, and guitarist-friendly tech make debut

    IK debut new nearfield monitors, smartphone/iPad mounts, and guitarist-friendly amplification and interfacing at NAMM. Now includes SOS videos.

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    Radial Engineering Firefly

    Valve Direct Box

    Radial build some of the best-performing and most reliable DI boxes, switches and interfaces...

    Reviews Nov 2015
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    CEntrance AxePort Pro

    USB Guitar Interface

    If you're a guitar player who uses computers to create music using samples, loops and virtual instruments but don't need to...

    Reviews Apr 2009
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    ART USB Phono Plus

    Turntable/Phono Preamp & USB Interface [Mac/PC]

    Most computer audio interfaces don't offer the RIAA equalisation required to attach a turntable directly, but ART's neat problem-solver is designed to do just that.

    Reviews May 2006
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