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    Rode Thread Adaptor

    Rode unveil Thread Adaptor

    Adaptors for all common mic and camera mounts included

    Rode's new gizmo means you need never be caught without a thread adaptor ever again!

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    Q. Will a patchbay degrade my audio quality?

    I have an inexpensive ART P16 XLR patchbay that I’d like to reintroduce and I’m wondering whether this will degrade the quality when I’m tracking, mixing and mastering — it would potentially be the weakest link in my signal chain?

    Sound Advice Jul 2021
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    PACE iLok 3

    iLok v3 released

    USB-C version connects directly to modern Macs

    New USB license key comes in USB-C version, and is built into a metal case.

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    Sontronics Podcast Pro

    Sontronics expand podcasting range

    New colours for Podcast Pro mic, plus accessories unveiled

    Podcast Pro now available in a range of colours, plus new podcasting mic stand and interface unveiled.

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    Radial JX42 V2

    NAMM 2021: Amp routers and re-amper from Radial

    Trio of handy gizmos from Canadian DI experts

    The Canadian DI masters have released three new devices that bridge the gap between studio and guitar technology.

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    Imperative Audio PVB

    Imperative Audio launch Portable Vocal Booth

    PVB combines isolation and portability

    Portable Vocal Booth boasts a low RT60, high isolation from outside noise, and can be easily dismantled and transported. 

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