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    The upgraded OST10 500-series module enclosure, with 10 free slots.

    Version 2 500-series module enclosures from Heritage

    Upgrades to 500-series 'Lunchbox' enclosures follow stereo/dual-mono compressor-limiter

    Heritage have beefed up their OST4 and OST10 enclosures for 'Lunchbox'-format 500-series modules, hot on the heels of their new HA609A compressor/limiter.

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    Flock's expanded Patch XT.

    Flock’s Patch gets bigger — and smaller

    Compact LT and larger XT Patch models extend app-controlled analogue patchbay concept

    Flock Audio have expanded their original digitally-controllable analogue patchbay concept — and produced a more affordable version.

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