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    Solomon design dedicated cajon pickup - Summer NAMM

    LoFreq makers announce problem-solving device

    Drum mic specialists Solomon have followed up their LoFreq speaker-based kick drum mic with another...

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    IK Multimedia announce ARC System 2.5

    Promises better room correction with new, more accurate microphone

    IK Multimedia have announced that ARC System 2.5 with MEMS microphone will be available for shipping in...

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    Connected PA-compatible Dbx DI and AKG mic out now

    Di1 direct injection box and P5i mic both available now

    The Dbx Di1 direct injection box is available now in the UK thanks to distributor Sound Technology...

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    Manfrotto Mic Mount

    Microphone Mounting Bar

    I recently wanted to rig a three-mic stereo array, comprising a SoundField ST-450 mic in the centre with omni outriggers...

    Reviews Apr 2017
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    Wilkinson Audio Mic Clips

    ORTF & X-Y Arrays • Fredman Mount

    We check out an interesting collection of specialist mic-mounting accessories, designed to support two mics in a precise physical relationship to each other.

    Reviews Feb 2017
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