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Acoustics / Studio Design

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    ErgoLab Stealth Studio Chairs


    Unlike many of its competitors, the ErgoLab Stealth series of chairs is designed specifically for use in the studio.

    Reviews Feb 2022
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    Zaor Miza Z Flex & Griprack MkII

    Studio Furniture

    Zaor’s Miza range promises smart, affordable, self‑assembly furniture to suit every studio.

    Reviews Feb 2022
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    Imperative Audio PVB

    Portable Vocal Booth

    Can this open, portable device help you capture a professional vocal‑booth sound?

    Reviews Sep 2021
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    Q. What acoustic foam should I use in a vocal booth?

    I’m trying to figure out the best acoustic setup for a small ready‑made vocal booth, with a floor area measuring 4 x 5 feet...

    Sound Advice May 2021
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    21 Ways To Improve Your Studio In 2021

    New Year, New Studio!

    The SOS editorial team shared notes to come up with 21 ways you can greet 2021 with a better studio.

    Sound Advice Jan 2021
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    The Boxy System

    Modular Studio Construction

    The biggest investment most studios make is in bricks and mortar... and plasterboard... and Rockwool. 
But is there another way?

    Sound Advice Dec 2020
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    GIK Acoustics VISO Booth

    Portable Vocal Screen

    GIK Acoustics' portable vocal screen is sensibly-priced and reduces room coloration, but without adding any obvious boxiness from the screen itself.

    Reviews Dec 2020
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    Q. How can I attach acoustic foam to the wall?

    Has anyone at SOS had any success fixing Auralex LENRD bass traps to a soundproof plasterboard wall/ceiling?

    Sound Advice Nov 2019
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    IsoAcoustics Iso-Puck Mini

    Speaker Isolator

    Based on the same technology, the Iso‑Puck Mini is basically a miniaturised version of the standard Iso‑Puck.

    Reviews Oct 2019
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    Q. What should I do if my home studio's window is located at a mirror point?

    What should I do if my home studio's window is located at a mirror point?

    Sound Advice Jan 2019
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    Q. How best can I isolate my drum kit?

    I want to record my drums at home but am having particular issues with noise annoying a downstairs neighbour!

    Sound Advice Nov 2018
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    Primacoustic VoxGuard DT

    Lightweight Acoustic Screen

    Primacoustic’s VoxGuard and VoxGuard DT are compact acoustic screens, intended for use behind microphones.

    Reviews Sep 2016
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    PSI Audio AVAA C20

    Active Bass Trap

    Operating rather like a subwoofer in reverse, this crafty device controls low frequencies but takes up far less space than conventional bass traps.

    Reviews Aug 2016
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    Aston Microphones Halo

    Portable Vocal Booth

    Could this British company’s new take on the portable vocal booth be the most effective yet?

    Reviews Jul 2016
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    Sound Momentum Infinity

    Acoustic Diffusers

    Diffusers are usually best deployed in larger rooms, but these new designs could prove useful in the smallest of studios.

    Reviews May 2016
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    GIK Acoustics Evolution PolyFusor

    Acoustic Diffuser/Absorber

    The GIK Acoustics Evolution PolyFusor is a combination of a polycylindrical diffuser and an absorber merged into a single 600 x 1200 mm unit.

    Reviews Dec 2015
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    sE Electronics guitaRF

    Acoustic Shield For Guitar

    SE Electronics’ Reflexion Filters are well established items of studio kit, but the company continue to refine the concept and now offer several variations, the latest model being the GuitaRF.

    Reviews Nov 2015
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    Choosing & Using Porous Absorbers

    Soft Machines

    The choice of materials for acoustic treatment is paramount. We find out what different types of absorber can and can’t achieve.

    Reviews Jul 2015
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    Q. Are mineral-wool acoustic panels safe?

    I’m looking to get some acoustic panels of the rigid fibreglass/Rockwool type for my bedroom studio.

    Sound Advice Jan 2015
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    Studiobricks One

    Modular Vocal/Instrument Booths

    This neat modular system slots together in no time at all, and is surprisingly effective.

    Reviews Dec 2014
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    Q. What sort of double glazing do I need?

    I have double glazing but it's quite old, and I notice that other people's double glazing seems to cut out more sound...

    Sound Advice Feb 2014


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