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Acoustics / Studio Design

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    GIK Acoustics Evolution PolyFusor

    Acoustic Diffuser/Absorber

    The GIK Acoustics Evolution PolyFusor is a combination of a polycylindrical diffuser and an absorber merged into a single 600 x 1200 mm unit.

    Reviews Dec 2015
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    sE Electronics guitaRF

    Acoustic Shield For Guitar

    SE Electronics’ Reflexion Filters are well established items of studio kit, but the company continue to refine the concept and now offer several variations, the latest model being the GuitaRF.

    Reviews Nov 2015
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    Choosing & Using Porous Absorbers

    Soft Machines

    The choice of materials for acoustic treatment is paramount. We find out what different types of absorber can and can’t achieve.

    Reviews Jul 2015
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