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Acoustics / Studio Design

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    The Sustainable Studio

    Part 3: Vicoustic

    It’s essential to every studio, but acoustic treatment can also affect our health — and that of the planet.

    Music Business Aug 2022
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    Distant City Studios

    A Drum Room With A Difference!

    [VIDEO] If you want a better drum sound, you can change the drummer, or the mics, or the drum kit... but what about the room?

    People Jan 2021
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    The WSDG AcousticLab: Dirk Noy & Gabriel Hauser

    Hearing Tests

    The advice of professional acousticians can be hard to evaluate on paper — but what if you could actually hear the results of their work before building starts?

    People Sep 2019
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    Argosy Thumbnail

    Argosy: The Man Behind The Brand

    David Atkins, President of Argosy Console, Inc

    Not many companies can claim responsibility for creating an entirely new market sector, but that is certainly an accolade that is due to Argosy Consoles.

    Music Business Sep 2013
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    Andy Cross: Zoo Audio


    Although we don't usually cover commercial studios in Readerzone, Andy Cross's small Zoo Audio studio has found its way here because it is one of the few studios in the country to contain an Esmono recording booth.

    People Jan 2003
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    Howard Turner: The Studio Wizard

    Studio Designer

    Seven years ago, teacher, musician and engineer Howard Turner transformed himself into The Studio Wizard and placed an ad offering his services as studio trouble shooter and consultant. It worked like a charm...

    People Mar 1999
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