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Acoustics / Studio Design

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    Genelec GLM Update

    Genelec GLM software updated

    Version 4.2 introduces GRADE room analysis

    Genelec's speaker calibration software is now the first in the world to provide a complete acoustical room analysis. 

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    Studio Design Pitfalls

    Jochen Veith: Things People Don’t Think About When Planning A Studio

    One of the most in‑demand studio designers in the world explains why there’s more to building a studio than getting the acoustics right. Much, much more...

    Techniques . May 2022
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    DIY Acoustic Treatment - 15 Minute Challenge!


    Sound On Sound's Editor In Chief, Sam Inglis, explains a neat way to put together a versatile acoustic panel for your studio.

    Techniques Jun 2021
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    Rupert Neve 1926-2021

    Legendary designer dies aged 94

    We are very sad to report the death of Rupert Neve, perhaps the most important and influential designer in recording-studio history.

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    Imperative Audio PVB

    Imperative Audio launch Portable Vocal Booth

    PVB combines isolation and portability

    Portable Vocal Booth boasts a low RT60, high isolation from outside noise, and can be easily dismantled and transported. 

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    Distant City Studios

    A Drum Room With A Difference!

    [VIDEO] If you want a better drum sound, you can change the drummer, or the mics, or the drum kit... but what about the room?

    People Jan 2021
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    Studio SOS: Making A Small Room Sound Good

    Inside Hugh Robjohns' Revamped Home Studio

    Getting good results in a small space isn't easy — but it is possible. And if you're the Technical Editor of Sound On Sound, it's also essential!

    Techniques Jun 2020
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    Studio SOS June 2020 Yamaha console

    Studio SOS: Web - Extra Photos

    Inside Hugh Robjohns' Revamped Home Studio

    More photos and information of SOS Technical Editor Hugh Robjohns' home studio workspace that we were unable to publish in the print magazine. Enjoy!

    Techniques Jun 2020
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    IK Multimedia ARC reaches v3

    Room-correction software suite updated

    IK’s popular room-correction software suite, ARC, has received a major update.

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    New portable vocal booth from GIK

    VISO Booth can be used on desktop or mounted on a stand

    British acoustics experts GIK Acoustics have announced a brand-new portable absorption device...

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    Treating A New Control Room

    Square Space

    A DIY approach to control room acoustics can go a long way, but sometimes it pays to get the professionals involved.

    Techniques Oct 2019
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    The WSDG AcousticLab: Dirk Noy & Gabriel Hauser

    Hearing Tests

    The advice of professional acousticians can be hard to evaluate on paper — but what if you could actually hear the results of their work before building starts?

    People Sep 2019
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    Studio SOS: Home Studio Upgrade

    Dennis J. Wilkins

    Follow one SOS reader on his quest to transform a box room into a studio worthy of the name!

    Techniques Apr 2019
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    Artnovion's Corner and Bass Traps feature TPDA tech

    Artnovion's compact TPDA technology tackles standing waves

    When it comes to acoustics, virtually every domestic room suffers from standing waves. In a bid to reduce...

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    New Impression Series designs from GIK Acoustics 

    Five new designs added to aesthetically pleasing acoustic panel range

    Acoustic treatment manufacturer GIK Acoustics have expanded their popular Impression Series of...

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    Studio SOS: Getting A Better Recorded Drum Sound

    Cirencester Sixth-Form College

    This month’s Studio SOS challenge was to help a college music department get a better recorded drum sound.

    Techniques Jul 2018
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    Studio SOS: Small Room Problems

    Jo Bates

    Small rooms are often the trickiest to get right, as our visit to a TV and film composer’s new home studio proved!

    Techniques Mar 2018
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    Studio SOS: Motorhome Studio

    Paul Thompson

    This month, Studio SOS takes on a unique challenge: modifying a motorhome for use as a mobile recording studio!

    Techniques Feb 2018
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    Aston Halo Shadow now shipping

    Black version of shell-shaped reflection filter available now

    Here at SOS we have been really impressed by the Aston Halo reflection filter. SOS...

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    Studio SOS: Sound Leakage

    Ollie Gray

    As well as tackling monitoring issues, this month’s Studio SOS visit sees the team making extensive modifications to a leaky vocal booth.

    Techniques Aug 2017
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    Studio SOS: Lack Of Low End

    Paul Allen

    A reader’s home-studio monitoring suffers from a lack of low end and poor stereo imaging. Can the Studio SOS team track down the cause?

    Techniques Jul 2017


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