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    Q. Is it OK to paint acoustic foam?

    Can you tell me how I should go about painting my acoustic foam panels? They are currently white and rather ugly!

    Sound Advice Nov 2004
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    Q. Where has all the bass gone?

    I recently moved house and, having now set up my equipment in a new room, I seem to have lost all of the bass end. My monitors are set up as they should be and my setup worked and sounded fine at the last house, but now for some reason the bass is only prominent at a point just behind my head in my normal sitting position. Any suggestions?

    Sound Advice Aug 2004
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    Q. How can I address the uneven bass response in my studio?

    I've been encountering some problems with standing waves in the room were I do my mixing. The bass response is very uneven and I'm considering investing in some acoustic treatment, but I don't really know were to start. What are my options?

    Sound Advice Apr 2004
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