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    Aston Halo Shadow now shipping

    Black version of shell-shaped reflection filter available now

    Here at SOS we have been really impressed by the Aston Halo reflection filter. SOS...

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    Studio SOS: Sound Leakage

    Ollie Gray

    As well as tackling monitoring issues, this month’s Studio SOS visit sees the team making extensive modifications to a leaky vocal booth.

    Techniques Aug 2017
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    Studio SOS: Lack Of Low End

    Paul Allen

    A reader’s home-studio monitoring suffers from a lack of low end and poor stereo imaging. Can the Studio SOS team track down the cause?

    Techniques Jul 2017
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    Researchers invent ultra-thin acoustic diffuser

    Could this point to a revolution in studio design?

    Researchers from Nanjing University are claiming to have invented a new type of acoustic diffuser that is 10 times...

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    Aston turn Halo evil with black livery

    Reflection filter now available in black

    Aston's popular purple reflection filter has turned to the dark side. After popular...

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    GIK get stylish with Impression Series acoustic treatment

    New acoustic panels and bass traps focus on aesthetic and acoustics

    There’s no doubt that acoustic treatment can dramatically improve the sound of a room, but it’s rare...

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