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    Q. Is your Class-D amplification article inaccurate?

    I’m a long‑running technical electronics repair and design engineer working in music for film...

    Sound Advice Jan 2022
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    Q. Can two pairs of passive speakers share the same power amp?

    I have a Bryston 5B, and I’d like to be able to switch between two sets of passive speakers, both driven by the Bryston, rather than buy another power amp for the second set...

    Sound Advice May 2020
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    All You Need To Know About Studio Power Amps

    Choosing The Right One For Your Passive Speakers

    Whether it’s classic NS-10s, battered old Auratones or something more esoteric, passive speakers require a power amp — here’s how to choose the right one.

    Sound Advice May 2018
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    Q. Do I need a better headphone amp?

    When does one need a headphone amp? I have some Shure 1840s, which are great, but I’ve read about headphone amps and want to be sure I am getting the most from the cans.

    Sound Advice Dec 2015
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    What Is Class-D Amplification?

    The Benefits Explained

    If you're under the impression that Class-D amplifiers are just 'three letters worse' than Class-A models, think again: Class-D technology is making an increasing impact on the live sound world by offering more power with less weight than ever before. We find out how and why...

    Techniques Jun 2006
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    Q. Why does 'Class' matter in an amplifier?

    I saw a mic preamp advertised as 'Class A' and 'Transformerless.' What do these terms mean and why exactly are they a good thing?

    Sound Advice Oct 2003
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