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Reviews of hot music and recording apps for iOS and occasionally Android devices.

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    Ableton Note

    Sketchpad App For iOS

    Ableton’s first app puts a Live‑compatible ideas machine in the palm of your hand.

    Reviews Dec 2022
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    Elf Audio Koala Sampler

    Sampler App For iOS & Android

    Koala Sampler makes sampling simple again.

    Reviews Oct 2022
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    RT60 Songzap

    Pre-production App For iOS

    Could this natty iPhone app help you structure your songs and make better demos?

    Reviews Sep 2022
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    PlayScore 2

    Notation App [iOS/Android]

    PlayScore 2 is an iOS and Android app that performs OMR (optical music recognition) via a device’s camera or graphics‑type file import.

    Reviews Jun 2022
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    FAC Drumkit

    Percussion App For iOS

    FAC Drumkit is a flexible drum synth and sample player.

    Reviews Dec 2021
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    Bram Bos Woott

    Multiband Compressor For iOS

    Woott is described as a ‘dynamic hype enhancer’ , which suggests we are in for a bit of not‑so‑subtle compression...

    Reviews Nov 2021
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    Soundbrenner Core

    Wearable Metronome/Music Tool

    The Soundbrenner Core is a smartwatch made for musicians.

    Reviews Sep 2021
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    Steinberg Cubasis 3.2

    DAW For iOS & Android

    Steinberg’s mobile DAW just got even better!

    Reviews May 2021
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    Sugar Bytes DrumComputer

    Drum Machine App For iPad

    Sugar Bytes bring their powerful drum machine to iPad.

    Reviews Apr 2021
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    Metasystem Metagrid

    Remote Control App For iPad

    Metagrid lets you control multiple pieces of software from a single iPad app.

    Reviews Nov 2020
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    Steinberg Cubasis 3

    DAW For Android

    Can Steinberg recreate the Cubasis DAW experience on Android?

    Reviews Oct 2020
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    Sugar Bytes Looperator For iPad

    Step-based Multi-effects Processor

    Looperator takes any audio source and slices it into 16 steps, applying a series of effects to any step that include filters, stutters, slices, distortion, tape stops, volume modulation and looping.

    Reviews Sep 2020
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    Audio Damage Enso

    Looper Plug‑in For Mac, Windows & iOS

    What more can this plug‑in offer than the hardware that inspired it?

    Reviews Jun 2020
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    RT60 Drummer ITP

    Intelligent Metronome For iOS

    Although described as the world's most intelligent metronome, Drummer ITP is primarily an accuracy training app for drummers...

    Reviews Jun 2020
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    Notation Software For iOS & Windows

    Pen-based input devices have been sadly neglected in music software. The StaffPad notation app reminds us why they're cool!

    Reviews Jun 2020
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    Cem Olcay StepBud

    AUv3 MIDI Sequencer For iOS

    This dedicated 64-step sequencer can be run stand-alone or within a host that supports MIDI-based AUv3 plug-ins, such as Audiobus or AUM.

    Reviews Apr 2020
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    Steinberg Cubasis 3

    DAW Software For iOS

    For those who want an iOS workflow that closely follows established desktop conventions, Cubasis is probably the most popular DAW/sequencer app currently available.

    Reviews Mar 2020
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    Eventide MicroPitch, Blackhole Reverb & UltraTap Delay

    Effects Plug-ins For iOS

    Eventide's first venture into iOS territory brings us three effects processors. All offered as iOS AUv3 plug-ins as well as working via IAA or in stand-alone mode.

    Reviews Mar 2020
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    Sugar Bytes Aparillo

    Synthesizer App For iOS

    This twin–oscillator FM synth is aimed firmly at those who like a more experimental approach to sound design.

    Reviews Feb 2020
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    Fishman TriplePlay Connect

    MIDI Guitar System For iPad

    Fishman's wireless TriplePlay guitar-to-MIDI system has a strong reputation for fast and accurate tracking, and the company now offer these benefits in TriplePlay Connect for iOS.

    Reviews Jan 2020
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    AudioModern Riffer

    MIDI Sequencer Plug-in

    Riffer is a randomising MIDI melody generator plug-in from AudioModern and is available as a VST/VST3/AU & AAX plug-in for Mac OS, Windows and as an iOS app.

    Reviews Nov 2019


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