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Cenzo Townshend: Decoy Studios & The Maccabees

Video Feature

Thumbnail for article: Cenzo Townshend: Decoy Studios & The Maccabees

Mix engineer Cenzo Townshend gives us a tour of his new studio and shows us the techniques behind his mix of ‘Marks To Prove It’.

Hot Chip

Alexis Taylor, Joe Goddard & Mark Ralph: Recording Why Make Sense?

Thumbnail for article: Hot Chip

Down in Hot Chip’s bunker-like basement studio HQ in Hoxton, the five members of the London band are coaxing strange sounds from an array of analogue synths.

Inside Track: Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly

Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Derek Ali

Thumbnail for article: Inside Track: Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly

Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly is one of the most ambitious hip-hop albums of recent years. Derek Ali was Lamar’s right-hand man during its making.


Matthew E White, Trey Pollard & Natalie Prass: Spacebomb Studios

Thumbnail for article: Spacebomb

Spacebomb Studios’ old-school production values and teamwork have made Richmond, Virginia one of the hottest recording locations in the USA.

Al Schmitt: Recording Bob Dylan's Shadows In The Night

Inside Track: Secrets Of A Mix Engineer

Thumbnail for article: Al Schmitt: Recording Bob Dylan's Shadows In The Night

Bob Dylan’s album of Sinatra covers is an unlikely triumph. So good, in fact, that it didn’t need mixing!

Jacquire King, Lowell Reynolds & James Bay: Recording Chaos And The Calm

Breaking Bay

Thumbnail for article: Jacquire King, Lowell Reynolds & James Bay: Recording Chaos And The Calm

Working with super–producer Jacquire King was a dream come true for James Bay. In a unique interview, King explains how he oversaw the recording of Bay’s hit debut album.

Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry & Daniel Boyle: Recording Back On The Controls

Back To The Ark

Thumbnail for article: Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry & Daniel Boyle: Recording Back On The Controls

Reggae fan Daniel Boyle painstakingly researched the equipment Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry used in his groundbreaking Black Ark studio — then made an album with the dub legend himself.

Mixing Soundtracks: Silent Witness

Video Feature

Thumbnail for article: Mixing Soundtracks: Silent Witness

Award-winning engineer Jake Jackson deconstructs his mix of a brooding musical cue by Sheridan Tongue for the BBC’s long-running crime drama.

Goldfrapp At The Royal Albert Hall

With FOH engineer Steven Carr

Thumbnail for article: Goldfrapp At The Royal Albert Hall

Mixing a band like Goldfrapp is challenging enough — but when you add an orchestra, a 50–piece choir and a notoriously tricky venue, things really start to get interesting.

Inside Track: Björk’s Vulnicura

Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Björk, Chris Elms, Arca & The Haxan Cloak

Thumbnail for article: Inside Track: Björk’s Vulnicura

A unique and inspired choice of collaborators helped Björk blend powerful emotion with restless experimentation.

JR Rotem: Fall Out Boy 'Centuries'

Video Feature

Thumbnail for article: JR Rotem: Fall Out Boy 'Centuries'

Producer JR Rotem is no stranger to success but, until 'Centuries', it was confined to pop and urban genres. We find out how the song was constructed and walk through the session files.

Matt Rad Interview (Video)


Thumbnail for article: Matt Rad Interview (Video)

The transition from rock to pop isn't always easy — unless you're Matt Rad. We talk drum recording, Eric Valentine and how to stay relevant in this exclusive video interview.

Inside Track: Hozier ‘Take Me To Church’

Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Rob Kirwan

Thumbnail for article: Inside Track: Hozier ‘Take Me To Church’

Producer and engineer Rob Kirwan oversaw Hozier’s commercial breakthrough — by concentrating on the least commercial aspects of his music.

My Generation: Fifty Years With The Who

Bob Pridden live sound engineer

Thumbnail for article: My Generation: Fifty Years With The Who

We caught up with the man who’s spent nearly half a century in charge of live sound for one of the biggest bands in the world.

Charlie Watkins

Audio Pioneer 1923 — 2014

Thumbnail for article: Charlie Watkins

Few have contributed as much to the technology behind rock & roll as Charlie Watkins and his company, WEM. We celebrate the life of one of audio’s great inventors.

Inside Track: All About That Bass

Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Kevin Kadish

Thumbnail for article: Inside Track: All About That Bass

Channelling their shared love of ’50s kitsch, Kevin Kadish and Meghan Trainor created 2014’s most talked-about hit single — and turned Trainor into a superstar overnight.

Einstürzende Neubauten’s LAMENT

Battle Cries

Thumbnail for article: Einstürzende Neubauten’s LAMENT

One of the most powerful of last year’s World War One centenary projects came from an unexpected source: legends of industrial music Einstürzende Neubauten.

The Church Studios with Paul Epworth (Video)

Interview & Studio Tour

Thumbnail for article: The Church Studios with Paul Epworth (Video)

Watch our exclusive 22 minute video interview with award-winning British producer Paul Epworth talking about his North London studio.

David Wrench

Mixing Caribou, FKA Twigs & Jungle

Thumbnail for article: David Wrench

Mix engineer David Wrench has the rare ability to bring discipline to experimental projects, without losing their leftfield qualities.


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