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Cymande Performance

John Schroeder, Alan Florence & Isi Clarke: Recording A Simple Act Of Faith

Thumbnail for article: Cymande Performance

When cult funk band Cymande returned to the studio, they insisted on hiring the same production team — 41 years after their previous album...

Inside Track: Rod Stewart - Another Country

Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Kevin Savigar

Thumbnail for article: Inside Track: Rod Stewart - Another Country

Musically, Rod Stewart’s latest album harks back to ’70s folk-rock, but its writing and production were totally 21st Century.

Nicolas Vernhes: Studio Interview

Video Feature

Thumbnail for article: Nicolas Vernhes: Studio Interview

This month, producer and engineer Nicolas Vernhes welcomes us into his Brooklyn studio, Rare Book Room.

Inside Track: Pentatonix

Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Ed Boyer

Thumbnail for article: Inside Track: Pentatonix

In their conquest of the pop charts, Pentatonix’s only weapons were the human voice — and the skills of mix engineer Ed Boyer.

Rush: Recording & Mixing R40 Live

R Is For Rush

Thumbnail for article: Rush: Recording & Mixing R40 Live

The best engineers thrive on pressure. Which is handy when they’re recording the farewell tour of one of the world’s biggest rock bands, and timecode trouble is brewing...

Scott Jacoby: Producing Ronnie Spector

Video Feature

Thumbnail for article: Scott Jacoby: Producing Ronnie Spector

This month's in-depth video interview features Grammy-winning producer Scott Jacoby. He welcomes us into his own Eusonia studios in New York to show how he created a ‘60s-inspired track for the former Ronnettes lead singer.

Michael Ilbert: Mixing At Hansa

Video Feature

We talk guitar recording and more with Grammy-nominated engineer Michael Ilbert, based in Berlin's legendary Hansa Studios.

Ben Folds

Recording So There

Thumbnail for article: Ben Folds

Fans of singer–songwriter Ben Folds expect piano music — but a full–on piano concerto is certainly a new development!

Inside Track: The Weeknd

Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Carlo ‘Illangelo’ Montagnese

Thumbnail for article: Inside Track: The Weeknd

Engineer, mixer and producer Carlo Montagnese likens his work with the Weeknd to painting — and he’s not afraid to use plenty of colour!

Thank you to all our readers over the last 30 years...

You are in good company!

Thumbnail for article: Thank you to all our readers over the last 30 years...

“I admire Sound On Sound as the survivor amongst the professional media"...

Jean–Michel Jarre

Producing Electronica

Thumbnail for article: Jean–Michel Jarre

New album Electronica sees Jean–Michel Jarre making connections with a galaxy of other legendary figures from the world of electronic music.

Inside Track: Bring Me The Horizon

Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Dan Lancaster

Thumbnail for article: Inside Track: Bring Me The Horizon

Where does a young mix engineer learn the techniques to deliver hit rock mixes? In Dan Lancaster’s case, right here!


Lauren Mayberry, Martin Doherty & Iain Cook: Producing Every Open Eye

Thumbnail for article: Chvrches

Like any good SOS readers, Scots electro-pop trio Chvrches used the success of their debut album to buy more synthesizers...

Inside Track: Muse's Drones

Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Tommaso Colliva & Rich Costey

Thumbnail for article: Inside Track: Muse's Drones

Working on Muse’s hit album Drones gave Tommaso Colliva and Rich Costey unique insight into the extraordinary methods of hitmaking producer ‘Mutt’ Lange.

Rupert Neve: The SOS Interview (Video)

Video Feature

Thumbnail for article: Rupert Neve: The SOS Interview (Video)

In this month's video interview  we meet a living legend of the audio industry, Mr Rupert Neve himself. Over 25 minutes, we talk transformers, software modelling, and get the story of how he created the world's first high-Q equaliser.

75 Years Of The Shure Unidyne 55

One Direction

Thumbnail for article: 75 Years Of The Shure Unidyne 55

In 1939, Shure revolutionised the music industry with a microphone so successful that it is still in production today!

Jacquire King: Producing James Bay

Video Feature

Thumbnail for article: Jacquire King: Producing James Bay

We visit the world-famous Blackbird Studios in Nashville to meet Jacquire King, the Grammy-winning producer of James Bay’s Chaos And The Calm.

Inside Track: James Taylor's Before This World

Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Dave O’Donnell

Thumbnail for article: Inside Track: James Taylor's Before This World

The art of music production lies in serving the song — and working with James Taylor, Dave O’Donnell felt that modern production trends would hinder his aim of capturing emotive performances.

John Chowning

Pioneer Of Electronic Music & Digital Synthesis

Thumbnail for article: John Chowning

A visionary in the field of electronic music, John Chowning invented FM synthesis and set up CCMRA, one of the world’s most influential research centres.


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